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Hi, I'm Jo

Joanna Mockford MBACP
Person-Centred & Experiential

BACP Registered Member
UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist

​Welcome to Joanna Mockford Psychotherapy


I understand what a big step it can be to look for someone to talk to confidentially about what you're struggling with. ​To find the right person to feel safe enough with to say out loud those things that are swirling around in your head.​ You need to talk and be heard. To work through distressing thoughts, feelings and processes that feel overwhelming, and for someone to listen and accept you without judgement.


I specialise in working with trauma and from an understanding of how the mind and body responds to threat, anxiety and stress. How you feel about yourself and living post-trauma can affect your psychological well-being, how you behave and how you relate to others. It can be lonely and distressing not feeling valued, heard and acknowledged. Rather than being free to be yourself and live more fully, you feel restricted, conflicted and on edge, wanting change and relief.

I commit to actively and attentively listening to you while we work together to understand you from your unique, lived perspective. I can help you with processing, acknowledging and accepting difficult and traumatic life experiences that affect you, to live more in the 'now' or look to the future. Through counselling you may uncover new learning about yourself and gain clarity around what you feel stuck with so that something can shift.

In Person-Centred & Experiential Therapy I can help you build your sense of worth, and inner strength and resources to be better able to manage how you feel, think and behave. I can support you in making the small steps that go on to make a meaningful impact in your life and towards any desired goals. This may aid you to have healthier relationships with yourself and others in your life, be more confident and to live closer to how you would like life to be.


While therapy is not a magic fix, it can be life-changing. An opportunity to have an honest conversation like no other.

Time and space for you to freely explore what's making life difficult in a warm, supportive, and private therapeutic environment. 


About Me

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My Training & Study

I am on the BACP register as a Registered Member having successfully completed psychotherapy training to Postgraduate Diploma level, a sufficient level of clinical hours and passed a Certificate of Proficiency exam.

After completing a 4 year UKCP-accredited psychotherapy training programme at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI) in 2018-2022 I am soon to be awarded an MSc in Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy. I will then be a registered member of the UKCP, until which time I am on the trainee register. 

I abide by BACP, UKCP and SPTI ethical guidelines and I hold professional indemnity insurance.

therapy leicester leicestershire joanna mockford counselling
I'm Jo

​I have been described as calming, creative, passionate and non-judgemental. I am fascinated by the workings of the mind, how the brain is a 'social organ', why therapy works, and the effects of trauma and difficult experiences on our ongoing psychological experience and our relationships with others.


I have lived in Leicester since 2005. I am a cis woman (she/her). In my spare time I enjoy music, jigsaws, games, crocheting, vegan food, walks, strength training and running. I love connecting with people and learning.

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My Experience

I have provided therapy since September 2019, accruing more than 650 hours clinical experience with clients. I volunteered at counselling charities in Leicester before opening my private practice in 2021.


My experience is mostly with those who have survived childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, neglect), been sexually assaulted or had difficult life experiences.


I have significant experience working with men, though I have a range of experience to work with all genders on issues that relate to trauma, accessing emotions, dissociation, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, difficulties socially and in relationships with others.


How Can I Help?

therapy leicester leicestershire joanna mockford counselling
My Style
Your Therapy

In Person-Centred & Experiential Therapy you set the agenda. It is based in authenticity where I am my real self with you, drawing on my qualities and experience as a person to be able to sit with you in your 'stuff', working honestly and collaboratively. As a counsellor I describe how I work as relational and dialogical, which means that the therapeutic relationship and talking is at the heart of the therapy. I will prize, value and understand you from your perspective, respecting your autonomy and drive to grow and change.


'Experiential' relates to the whole experience of being alive and human, within ourselves in our mind and body, and in our social contexts. In therapy it means I pay close attention to how you are in the 'here and now' of the therapy space, to my process of being with you in what you are exploring, and how I hear and feel it in me to make sense of you. As a therapist I have a richly visual and verbal mind, which I use to respond intuitively and spontaneously based on what arises as we talk, to conceptualise the uniqueness of your experience and processes within you.

Your therapy is your own private, honest and confidential space to explore your difficulties in your life that may also link to past relationships and experiences. The Person-Centred and Experiential approach to therapy is humanistic and engages with emotional and psychological distress and life difficulties in all its facets.

Trauma can continue to impact you daily in trusting people and be the root of many mental health difficulties. You might swing from feeling like you're either too much or not enough, or you set a boundary and then all of a sudden it's gone: neglecting and not communicating your needs while pleasing others.


I can help you take hold of your life again after difficult times or begin recovery from trauma/PTSD/c-PTSD which can include shame, flashbacks, anxiety, dissociation and depression. It can impact socially and in relationships, and on identity, self-worth, emotional regulation and managing your thoughts and self-beliefs.


In processing and unpicking the difficult processes you experience now you may gain new awareness and fresh perspectives to help you to make changes to your life, and improve your mental health and relationships.


What Next?


The Therapy Space

I work with adults age 18+ on an individual basis on weekdays. I work from my private, comfortable therapy room in Leicester city centre that is spacious, light and airy, with Covid-secure measures in place. It is a space where you can attend counselling that is discreet and confidential, close to the train station, bus and cycle routes and car parking. It is located on the 1st floor, accessible by stairs only.

Face to face, online or phone?

I offer flexibility to accommodate your preference so that as well as face to face in my therapy room I am competent and experienced in delivering online therapy via WhatsApp video/Google Meet and telephone counselling.

therapy leicester leicestershire joanna mockford counselling

Initial Session

With a relationship that feels safe and trusting being at the heart of your therapy it is important to decide if I might be the right therapist for you, so when you make contact below to discuss booking your initial session we can take it from there and see how we 'fit'. 

The initial session is to get a feel for the space and how we relate, and give you a taste of how I work. We can start to build a picture of what you are seeking from therapy, whether I can meet those needs and if we might establish a trusting working relationship.

therapy leicester leicestershire joanna mockford counselling

Working Together

If we decide to work together then we will book in further regular sessions that are usually at the same time weekly unless otherwise arranged.


The length of time attending therapy depends on many factors, with it being either open-ended, or you may have a plan to work to a particular time frame or number of sessions.

Each 50 minute session is £50

(including the initial session)

We will regularly reflect on the process of your therapy so that we ensure you are getting what you need and we will work towards an ending when the time is right.​


To book an initial session you may contact me in whichever way you feel most comfortable:

- Fill out the contact form

- Send an email

- Text

- Phone call


I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for submitting!

Leicester City Centre

07597 232462

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